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You have arrived!

This site is a continual work in progress. There are plans to reintegrate the information located here back to the NSASpeaker.org website; however, a timeline for this to occur has not been determined.

And, since the loss of the NSASpeaker site late last year (2013), some of the top-level tabs between the new NSASpeaker.org website and this site do not work. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Until all the changes are completed, if you need a particular document and can't find what you're looking for or you're sent to the '404' page, you can always reach out to Bill Peterson or Kim Cook for assistance.

As a volunteer critical to the strategic success of the National Speakers Association, you are encouraged to use this site to help guide your work.


  • Across the top are blue tabs that lead to specific areas on this site. These areas contain information critical to the accomplishment of your portion of the strategic plan.
  • On the left side, are the “Related Links” buttons. These are direct links to key documents and other information.

Need to Add or Edit Information:

  • If you see a place where new information could be added to help the overall community succeed, please send an email to Information@NSASpeaker.org with subject "Board Site Edit Request."
  • If you see a typo (oops!) and you feel compelled to report it - do so.

This is a working site and we want you to be fully engaged in using this resource to accomplish the objectives of the strategic plan!

Welcome aboard!

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